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Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit - no-code set of SharePoint activities for creating custom Workflow using SharePoint Workflow Designer. Virto Workflow Kit that can be used as an add-on for MS SharePoint includes extended activities for sending e-mails and SMS as well as messaging to Twitter, Jabber and Miranda. Virtosoftware expands the range of SharePoint activities, allowing for creating custom activity sets, and thus, more flexible customization of business processes. Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit is a set of no-code blocks that you can easily add to SharePoint Designer and build your own workflow within a minute. Virto Acitivities List (over 200 activities and 14 conditions): Impersonation Activities SMS Actvities Twitter Activities XMPP (Jabber, GTalk) Activities Email Activities Text Activities Http Activities Active Directory Activities Permission Activities Info Path Activities List Activities User Activities Workflow Activities Document Library Activities Finance Activities SharePoint Site Management Activities Fax Activities Code Activities Date Time Activities Database Activities Array List Activities File Activities Managed Metadata Activities Default Column Values Activities Import/Export Activities Image Activities Conditions

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